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Watch this two-part investigation into insurance tactics, broadcast on CNN. The priority of many large insurance companies is to maximize their profits at the expense of their policyholders. Not all insurance companies do business this way. But if they’re big enough to run commercials that you can’t help but see every time you turn on the television, you probably have reason for concern.

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DID YOU KNOW that You, the vehicle owner, has the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. No insurance company can interfere with that right. IT’S THE LAW. In an attempt to cut costs and increase their profit margin, the insurance company may try to “steer” you to one of their “preferred shops” after a car accident.

Insurance companies use very specific tactics to persuade you to use THEIR preferred shop. Some of the thing’s you’ll hear from claims officers after a car accident will be intentionally MISLEADING.

Here are the TOP 5 LIES you may be told
1. “They are not one of our preferred shops so we can’t guarantee the repairs.”
2. “If you don’t use our shop you will have to pay the difference.”
3. “If you use that shop, we can’t get someone out for several days but if you use our preferred shop we have some there to start on it right away.”
4. “We have had a hard time with that shop/We can’t work with that shop.”
5. “Claims take longer to settle at that shop.”

Here is a great website to inform consumers about their rights Consumer Tips

Part 1

Part 2

We are working with other Collision Repair facilities to ensure that our Customers are our #1 Priority not the Insurance Company. Watch the video below from Collision Fix.com which we have applied for Membership with. Help us fight back against the insurance companies that are trying to dictate how and where your vehicle is repaired. 

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