360 Degrees of Perfection



Committed to providing the highest quality repairs, our technicians are detail oriented. All repairs and work is done to the standards set by your vehicle manufacturer, ensuring your car runs and drives as if it had just come off the showroom floor. At 360 Degrees of Perfection, we use state-of-the-art three dimensional measuring and digital imaging systems for frame restoration and all uni-body repairs.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to accurately check your vehicle's system, diagnosing problems and pinpointing leaks. Count on us to get your car's AC working properly.

360 Degrees of Perfection is a full-service automotive center, meaning we can handle any maintenance or repair issue, and do it for less than dealerships and other mechanics.

Air Conditioning

We have only the most experienced and dedicated mechanics working in our shop. All of our technicians and mechanics are certified and have an extensive background working with automotive air conditioning and modern heating systems. Cooling systems will sometimes need attention and replacement parts installed. Do not wait to fix leaks in your Cooling System because it could leave you without a car and stranded. Some of these parts are Radiators, Thermostats, Water Pumps, Hoses, Electric Water Pumps, Resevoirs, and Expansion Tanks and more. 

Auto Mechanic Repairs

Whether your vehicle needs suspension work, a tune up, or major engine repairs, our ASE certified mechanics have the skills to handle all your automotive maintenance needs. Using computer diagnostics, we are able to accurately pinpoint issues and fix them properly. 360 Degrees of Perfection can perform all Factory Maintenance including oil changes, Inspections I & II, Air Filters, Wipers, Tire Rotations, Timing Belts, Valve Adjustments, Transfer Case, & Differentials. 

Pre Purchase Inspection

Buying a car should be stress free and a joyous occasion let us help you alleviate the stress by performing a Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI) on your vehicle. We will take the time to thoroughly go through the car  to make sure you are getting a good vehicle. Our Comprehensice Inspections are OEM approved Inspections for every make, If it is not mechanically sound we can let you know to keep looking. All of the staff at 360 Degrees of Perfection are here to help so stop by one of our locations today. 

Why suffer in the Colorado Sun when you do not have too. Stop on by and let us check out and service your vehicle's air conditioning system. 360 Degrees of Perfection is Certified to work on all R134a systems so stop by if your AC is low on refrigerant. If you ignore this your vehicle may not function properly, in today's newer more technology advanced vehicles the systems and componets are all tied together. 360 Degrees of Perfection services; Compressors,  Evaporator, Condenser, Expansion Valves, Seals & O Rings, Receiver & Drier, to name a few. 

Cooling System

Suspension & Steering

When it comes down to it a well maintained car simlpy drives better. When your vehicle is handling properly then you havre the protections of all of the safety features. We can replace parts with OEM, Aftermarket, or even LKQ. Come and see us today for all of your Suspension & Steering needs; we service; Shocks, Struts, Springs, Control Arms, Bushings, Power Steering Pumps, Hoses, Gears, Power Steering Electrical Racks, Tie Rods, & Steering Links. We also offer Alignments for vehicles that need it. 

Electrical Diagnostics

If you are having electrical issues and need seomeone that has gone through all the training then you have found your place. 360 Degrees of Perfectionhas the training and the knowledge to properly diagnose and fix common electrical problems such as Alternators, Batteries, Starters, Fuel Pumps, Re-keying, and Mass Air Flow Sensors

Check Engine Light Diagnose & Repair

Do you have one of those pesky check engine lights on? Well look no further we can properly diagnose and repair your vehicle's computer system. All we have to do is hook up your vehicle to our state of the art computer system and it will let us know everything that is wrong with your vehicle. 

Wheels & Tires

Did you hit a curb and get road rash on your shiny new wheels, or are you looking for a place that can repair wheels without having to replace them? Well you are in  luck because wecan do both wheterh you are looking to replace or repair we got you covered. We also carry all tires sizes and brands and can get you a quote within minutes so give us a call today so we can handle all of your Wheel and Tire needs today at 360 Degrees of Perfection.